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Enrico Banducci's hungry i lives again at

Travis Edmonson made his breakthrough with The Gateway Singers, resident group at the hungry i

Be sure and check out the website celebrating the great San Francisco club at

Travis Edmonson Recommendation! Love the music of Bud & Travis?  then you're sure to enjoy the fabulous STREET MINSTRELS.

If you're in Arizona, you can experience their music live, and even have them perform at an event you're arranging.  But music lovers all over the US and beyond can experience the great STREET MINSTRELS sound on CD.  Just go to to hear them and get ordering info!

Travis Edmonson is asking anyone who might have memorabilia from his career to help out with the documentary Bill McCune of McCune Television is making about him.  Travis would like  those who have ticket stubs, playbills, photographs (Travis alone, Bud & Travis, Travis with other celebrities, Travis with fans), ads, reviews or any other graphic material to make it available in the form of scans emailed to Should you have trouble reaching that address, just go to the home page of this site, and contact at the email given there. We'll get you in touch with Bonnie Brock who is assisting Bill McCune with assembly of visuals for the film.

Most welcome of all would be video footage, which is in scant supply.  Many thanks to all searching their collections to assist!

Features Section


THE BUD & TRAVIS SANTA MONICA CONCERT  - Memories from individuals who were there

A May1984 article about the  “Cloudy Summer Afternoon” LP and Travis Edmonson's life since his stroke two years

Patricia Thompson  tells about the uplifting quality of Travis Edmonson's music

Marti McKown Letter to Travis Edmonson

Travis Edmonson Honored with a Tribute Concert in May 2008  plus four pages of tributes and congratulations from fans and friends

2008 Holiday Greeting from Travis Edmonson

Travis Edmonson Featured on Tim Wiedenkeller's “New Old Pueblo”

Prof. Charles Philip Thomas pays a visit to Travis at Trillium Specialty Hospital in January 2009

Don & Victoria Armstrong - Musicians Inspired by Travis Edmonson by Frank Ross

Hold a Travis Fest and celebrate his music! Leann King did,and Frank Ross tells all about it

Recipe for a Travis Fest

Frank Ross plans reunion between Travis Edmonson and his friend from the fifties, Pat Jenks


Want to test your knowledge about Travis Edmonson?  

Crossword Puzzle


An Appreciation of Stan Wilson

Auspicious Beginnings at the hungry i and Purple Onion


Travis Edmonson Celebrates His 74th Birthday

Travis Edmonson's 75th Birthday Party

Frank Ross tells all about Travis Edmonson's 76th birthday party

BILL McCUNE'S TRAVIS EDMONSON DOCUMENTARY (see important note at right)

First Taping Session:
Singalong at Travis Edmonson's Home by participant Frank Ross


Travis Edmonson, Poet and Lyricist

"The Time of Man"

"The Eagle"

"A Time of Inspiration"

Poems About Travis Edmonson

The Travis Edmonson Phenomenon

"Travis" - by Ted Newman